Feb 112015

WORD ON CHANGING WORLD: Teams of police in riot gear smashed their way onto two family homes in Croydon in the UK to collect evidence in cases of suspected benefits fraud.

police raid benefits cheats

Police in riot gear raid a home in Croydon. Photo: Grant Melton

Police, accompanied by council officials, barged into the neighbouring homes at 6am this morning, one where a mother lives with her two children in their early teens; the other housing a couple of pensioners.

Three were arrested and taken away. They are suspected of making false claims that they are no longer married yet still living in the same house — a ‘crime’ that would mean they are able to claim a few extra pounds on their government allowances.

The masked thugs in uniforms, armed with battering rams and crowbars, collected evidence such as shaving cream to prove that the couples are still cohabiting.

Source: Croydon Advertiser

Here’s what Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi Driver had to say about the raids: