Apr 232014
Tony Blair

Tony Blair wants a revolution against ” Islamism”

WORD ON CHANGING WORLD: Former British Prime Minister and now advisor to global bank JP Morgan, Tony Blair, is set to make a speech encouraging Britain and other countries to come together against Islamic extremism.

According to The Independent, Blair will give a speech today Wednesday urging British intervention against Islamic extremists around the world.

After dragging an unwilling Britain into the invasion and slaughter of millions in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, Blair will apparently admit failures in the two wars while pushing for Europe, America, Russia and China to join forces and ” Confront Islamism” with “engagement that goes beyond political”.

Blair will reportedly go on to add that “the West should also be prepared to back “revolution” in countries, such as Iran, which are run by radical Islamic regimes… “Where there has been revolution, we should be on the side of those who support those principles and opposed to those who would thwart them”.

Read the full story from The Independent here.

Blair was hired in 2008 as an advisor to JP Morgan, earning him a part-time salary of 2 million pounds a year.

Several people have attempted to make citizen’s arrests on Tony Blair, including: Tom Grundy, while Blair was speaking in Hong Kong; and Twiggy Garcia, a staff member at a restaurant who took the opportunity to fulfill a promise to make a citizen’s arrest when Blair popped in for a meal.

Tom Grundy attempts citizen’s arrest in Hong Kong

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