Aug 072010

More protection for Phuket’s hillsides

Green initiatives Phuket

A review of Phuket's land laws is good news for the island's flora and fauna.

Phuket Natural Resources and Environment Department have announced more measures to protect Phuket’s natural environment from over development.

Phuket department head Khun Ong-art said the 80-meter limit, which forbids construction above 80 meters from sea level, would remain in place, and that more measures had been implemented following a review of the existing laws, stated a press release by Phuket Ocean Villas Co.

The height limit will never be removed, Khun Ong-art said.

New regulations aimed at controling Phuket hillside development also prevent structures being built on steep gradients and limit building size to a percentage of the total plot size on hillside land, the press release said.

Phuket News – June, 2010