Jun 142015

WORD ON PHUKET THEATRE: Phuket theatre and drama group Theatrix is calling for budding actors to join an upcoming production of “The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)!” — A riotous romp through the bard’s work at breakneck speed!

Phuket theatre group

Auditions announced

Written by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, the performance is planned for October this year and will be the first presentation in a series of Outta the Box Classics designed to introduce students, and anyone really, to the classics of theatre and literature in a highly entertaining format, says Phuket-based drama teacher Joel Adams.

Anyone interested in joining the cast is invited to audition for the show on Monday and Wednesday, June 22 and 24, in the HeadStart International School library from 6 to 8 pm.

Teens and adults, with or without experience, are all welcome. The audition will take the form of reading from the script and some improvisational activities, as improvisation is important to this show, as well as any monologues attendees have to offer., said Joel.

Contact Joel Adams for more information.

Email: theatrixphuket@gmail.com

Tel: 093 6490066.