Apr 052011
Phuket proprty seminar - Colour of Light

Phuket seminar for property professionals: Colour of Light

The Colour of Light International Seminar is an illuminating insight into the future of design and innovation in the world of colour and lighting.

Put your brand under the spotlight and learn first-hand about the latest innovations in energy-saving technology and how colour and light are being used in amazingly unique ways to build the next generation of modern architecture and design.

Organised by Prodigy One, the Colour of Light International Seminar is the second in a series of design-oriented seminars supported by the Phuket Architectural Society (PA+S Forum 2011).

Seminar highlights include keynote talks by light and colour industry leaders and award-winning architects, plus a networking dinner.

Keynote talks and participating organisations include:

  • OSRAM (Thailand) CEO Robert McKinnon – revealing the latest innovations in LED technology
  • Traxon Technologies Managing Director Mike Mastroyiannis – pioneer of Solid State Lighting applications
  • Professor Thanit Chindavanig (M.Arch.) – Associate Professor, Energy Research Institute Deputy Director of Academic Affairs
  • Kohler (Thailand) Head of Product Engineering Vinai Rojanavich -maximising water conservation
  • Tiffany Décor – designer and supplier of colour-fast and non-erosive hard surfaces
  • TOA Paint (Thailand) – Colour Design Awards winner
  • Jardine Schindler (Thai) – producer of energy-efficient and space-saving elevators and escalators
  • Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana – leading manufacturer of energy-efficient devices for homes

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