Feb 042011
Hand-made clothes at the Phuket Indy Market in Phuket Town

Stall holders show off their hand-made clothes for sale at the Phuket Indy Market in Phuket Town

WORD ON PHUKET MARKETS: A new modern flea market of creative crafts in Phuket Town offers a fresh alternative for young shoppers with all sorts of hand-made cute and trendy knick knacks, shoes and clothes, plus live entertainement from upcoming bands.

The new “Phuket Indy Market” is held every Thursday and Friday night at an open-air plaza on Dibuk Road in Phuket Town.

Prices are low and most stalls offer something new and unique, such as original T-shirt designs, personalised hand-crafted key ring fobs, new age and retro jewellery and funky lamps.

Live music performed by local youth bands is energetic and of a relatively good quality, which enhances the artsy feel of the market.

Snacks on offer include shakes and jumbo-size lollipops. There’s also a small Japanese restaurant and an ice cream palor.

Parents of teenagers will find the indy market a good way to entertain their charges and let them shop while relaxing at one of the adult-oriented outlets.

A small open-air bar selling imported German beer is an ideal spot to relax and watch people shop.

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