Inspiring Meditation & Healing Music for Mind, Body & Soul

Earth Rhythms

Two blissfully melodious and harmonic journeys into the beating heart of Mother Earth. Immerse you mind, body and soul in Mother Nature’s bosom in a single 20-minute track of soul reviving healing music inspired and accompanied by the rhythms of nature for sleep and meditation.

Earth Rhythms inspiring healing music

Earth Rhythms (2 tracks in 1) ONLY $1.99

Enchanted Forest (14 min), Ocean Chorus (6:34 min)

Escape to the tropical climbs of Thailand and spend the night in the Enchanted Forest.  Next, wade into the ocean depths and float serenely in an Ocean Chorus of humpback whale songs.
Listen to samples below.

      Enchanted Forest
      Ocean Chorus

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Serve Chilled

Buy the Album Serve Chilled – a collection of six inspiring enigmatic instrumental compositions for contemplation and meditation.
One hour of relaxing instrumental compositions to help you unwind and find inspiration.

Serve Chilled by Nick Davies

Serve Chilled (6 tracks / 60 minutes)

ONLY $8.00

Have a listen first

Click the play buttons to listen to samples of the six tracks on this album.

      Day Trip


      Breathing Space


      Crescent Phase




      Ocean Chorus


      Enchanted Forest