Sep 022015

WORD ON PHUKET: A handful of local skateboarders are taking their sport to a more extreme level for a bigger thrill by longboarding on Phuket’s steep and winding coastal roads.

Longboarding in Phuket

Phuket skaters take on downhill longboarding


A south African skater was teaching the local skaters some of the finer points of downhill longboarding, which seems set to catch on. These skaters were behind the push a few years ago to have public skate park built for Phuket skaters. Some of the local skaters that learned stunts, flips and tricks at Phuket’s only skate park have competed at national and international levels of the sport.


The skateboarders reckoned they could get speeds of up to 60 kmh on good downhill runs. Gliding down the twists and turns, the skaters risked a steep drop over the cliff edge if they overshot the curves.