Jan 032017

WORD ON THAILAND: A crocodile clamped its jaws down on the arm of a handler as he put his hand in the croc’s mouth as part of a show in Nakhon Sawan Province, central Thailand.

The horrific crocodile attack occurred in front of a crowd of tourists at the Bung Bor Raphet crocodile farm in Nakorn Sawan, just north of Bangkok, on Jan 2.

The above video footage was captured by facebook user Duangruedi Di Satefano. YouTube link: Spring News

The handler, Sumet Thongkhammuan, had to roll with the crocodile as the large reptile instinctively attempted to rip off his arm.

Sumet survived the croc attack and was rushed to hospital.

After a 15-minute delay, the show reportedly continued as normal with a replacement handler.

Link to this video