Feb 032011

CHINESE NEW YEAR PHUKET: Chinese New Year celebrations are going on throughout Phuket today with offerings of fruit, sweets and tea made to gods and ancestors at homes and temples.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Phuket

A man posessed by a monkey spirit performs during traditional Chinese New Year celebrations in Phuket

The sound of firecrackers can be heard throughout the day as Phuket’s large Chinese population spend the day relaxing and eating.

Today is traditionally a day when Chinese families spend time together. No work is done. Even sweeping the house is not allowed.

Morning celebrations included tables filled with fruit and other offerings set out in front of homes, which were visited by spirit mediums, who performed blessing rituals.

The spirit mediums go from house to house, cracking rope whips and waving specially decorated flags.

Children and the elderly are given special attention by the spirit mediums.

Sweets and fruit are given to the children and blessings for longevity are given to older family members.