Mar 262015

WORD ON PHUKET SHOPPING: This week is your last chance to take summer snapshots among the sunflowers at Central Festival.


Strike a pose on the straw bales or on the bicycle with a windmill in the background and sunflowers all around for that perfect summer snap right here in Phuket. Head to the sunflowers on the ground floor near the escalators.


Feb 272015

WORD ON PHUKET MUSIC SCENE: Phuket brightest young rockers, the Legends of Siam, are launching their debut album “This Means War” on Saturday night (28 Feb) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Patong.

Phuket Music Scene - Legends of siam

Phuket rock band Legends of Siam

Entry is free for the concert and a rockin’ good time from 7pm onwards!

Listen to the band’s new single Writing My Name on



Feb 212015

WORD ON PHUKET PROPERTY: Expectations are high among the property developers promoting the latest condos and houses for sale in Phuket at the Phuket Real Estate Show at Central Festival Phuket, 19-25 February.

Saturdays Condo - Phuket Real Estate Show

Luxury condo Saturdays reported at least two sales of their freehold pool villa-style condos in Saiyuan on the first day of the show.


Visitors can expect to find some excellent deals and promotions at the fair from the variety of properties on offer at the 50-plus display booths, ranging from affordable condos for under Bt2 million to high end resort-style residences priced in the tens of millions.

Luxury condo Saturdays reported at least two sales of their freehold pool villa-style condos in Saiyuan on the first day of the show.

Tri Property is offering a variety of enticing options for buyers of units in the Bangkok-based developer’s three Zcape Condo projects.

Boutique condo development in central Phuket, Prive 49, reported high interest in its furnished residential units with a special promotion guaranteeing rental returns for investors at the show.

Emerald Phuket Developments, sponsor of the EPL Masters Football Phuket Tournament, is doing well with brand recognition boosted by its affiliation with top international football players.

Also on display at the property show are pools, doors, glazing and bathroom appliances.

Condo for sale - Phuket

Boutique condo development Prive 49 reported high interest in its furnished residential units in the central business district with a special promotion guaranteeing rental returns for buyers at the show.


Zcape Condo - Phuket Real Estate Show

Tri Property offers enticing options for the developer’s three Zcape Condo projects near Bangtao Beach and in Central Phuket.



Managing Director of Emerald Phuket Development Co, Ltd Sawit Ketroj and staff promoting their luxury condominium Emerald Terrace in Patong.



Feb 202015

WORD ON PHUKET EARTHQUAKE: Phuket earthquake monitors have confirmed that Phuket was shaken by a 4.0 magnitude quake just after 1pm this afternoon.

Residents across Phuket have called in to say they felt the tremor, which lasted about 6-7 seconds.

A resident in Koh Kaew said the ground “shook violently”.

The earthquake is said to have originated off Koh Yao, about 2km underground.

No injuries have been reported and there have been no reports of a tsunami threat.



Feb 202015

WORD ON PHUKET EARTHQUAKES: Reports are coming in of a tremor felt in north Phuket at about 1pm.

Earthquake report

Teachers at a school in north Phuket reported feeling a rumble under their feet that slightly shook the building for a few seconds.

There have so far been no official confirmations of an earthquake. However, the USGS earthquake monitoring network recorded a 6.2 earthquake off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, just before midday Phuket time, an hour before the tremor felt in Phuket.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake was also recorded off the north west coast of Australia at 9pm (Phuket time) last night.

Feb 182015

More family fun in store for this weekend’s Lighthouse Market at Boat Lagoon Phuket, February 21 – 22

WORD ON PHUKET: Mores shopping, more chilling and many more things to eat and drink can be found this weekend at the 2nd Boat Lagoon Lighthouse Weekend Market this Saturday and Sunday (21-22 February).

Fish & Chips

Fish & chips at the Tablespoon stall

This month’s Lighthouse Market promises to be bigger and better with a variety of exciting new stalls along the bustling dockside walking street, including a Champagne bar, a seafood barbecue grill, sweet treats and more organic delights.

“We had such good feedback from stall holders and visitors after the first Lighthouse Market that we are glad to announce that the market will be on every last weekend of the month, at least until May,” said organizer Kanittha Prasopsirikul, Managing Director of By Kanittha Co., Ltd.

“The market is a great place to meet with friends and relax at one of the trendy dockside bars, or even aboard one of the luxury yachts, with live music in the background, but it’s also a fun evening out for all the family, so we’ve made a few improvements to make it even more kid friendly.

Lighthouse view

The view from the Bot Lagoon lighthouse, looking down on the dockside market

“There is now a designated kids zone with more supervised activities, including an outdoor theatre. The lighthouse will be open as usual and the boardwalk has been widened,” said Kanittha.

The Boat Lagoon Lighthouse Market is held on the last weekend of each month: February 21-22; March 28-29; April 25-26; May 30-31. Dates for June onwards are to be confirmed.


Lighthouse Weekend Market

Shop, chill & eat at the Lighthouse Weekend Market


Feb 112015

WORD ON CHANGING WORLD: Teams of police in riot gear smashed their way onto two family homes in Croydon in the UK to collect evidence in cases of suspected benefits fraud.

police raid benefits cheats

Police in riot gear raid a home in Croydon. Photo: Grant Melton

Police, accompanied by council officials, barged into the neighbouring homes at 6am this morning, one where a mother lives with her two children in their early teens; the other housing a couple of pensioners.

Three were arrested and taken away. They are suspected of making false claims that they are no longer married yet still living in the same house — a ‘crime’ that would mean they are able to claim a few extra pounds on their government allowances.

The masked thugs in uniforms, armed with battering rams and crowbars, collected evidence such as shaving cream to prove that the couples are still cohabiting.

Source: Croydon Advertiser

Here’s what Chunky Mark, the Artist Taxi Driver had to say about the raids:





Feb 092015

WORD ON ART SCENE: A team of Thai sculptors is celebrating their sixth win at the 42nd annual International Snow Sculpture Contest 2015 in Sapporo, Japan, after winning over the judges with a sculpture titled “The Ubiquitous Tuk-Tuk”.

Snow carving

The Thai team craft their tuk tuk

The Thai trio beat 11 other teams from around the world, mostly from colder regions.

The team created the 3-metre-high snowtuk tuk to represent a legacy of Thailand recognized throughout the world.

Ith e artists’ own words: “The TUK-TUK is the symbol of Thai ingenuity and artistry.  It is one of the most popular transports for tourists to experience joy and fun. TUK-TUK is not only transporting passengers around town, but also carrying Thai legacy throughout the world as well.”


Feb 082015

WORD ON PHUKET GAY SCENE: The 11th Gay Pride Phuket Festival is set for 19th  – 26th April, 2015.

Gay Pride Festival Phuket

Gay Pride Phuket 2013

The Phuket Loves You Club (PLU) is in its fourth year of promoting Phuket Pride, The theme for this gay/LGBT festival in Patong is “Freedom To Live”.

Soi Paradise in Patong is the main venue for the week’s parties, climaxing in a procession along the Patong Beach front road of floats filled with the island’s most flambouyant party people on the 26th April.

Find out more about the Gay Pride Festival and Phuket’s gay scene at

Feb 082015

WORD ON GEO-ENGINEERING: Watch the video below of numerous experts in various industries such as health, aviation and the environment convinced that geo-chemical engineering is real and having devastating impacts on the environment and the future of all life on the planet.

Watch more videos by the Chemtrail Truthers here

Feb 082015

WORD ON DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER: Students from the Geko Community School in Phuket are currently monitoring the slaughter of wild dolphins at the Taiji Cove in Japan.

Taiji cove Japan

Dolphin slaughter at Taiji Cove, Japan. Photo: The Dolphin Project

The Phuket-based kids have joined other monitors with the Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project as part of a campaign to prevent a dolphinarium opening in Phuket that would use dolphins captured during the annual cull at the Cove in Taiji.

Watch Live streaming of the observers in Japan below.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The school children raised the funds for their trip to japan with a sponsored 100km bike ride from the Geko Community School to the JW Marriott Hotel in Khao Lak.

They were inspired to go raise the funds to go to Japan and observe the dolphin capture and slaughter after a campaign was launched in Phuket to draw public attention to construction of a dolphinarium, which is believed to be waiting for delivery of dolphins captured at Taiji Cove.

In an unprecedented move to have their concerns heard by authorities in Japan, the school children and teachers also handed letters of objection to the Major of Taiji.

Local conservationist Nick Anthony organized a free showing of The Cove at Central Festival and other locations around Phuket at the beginning of the campaign, which has seen many of the island’s media outlets, hotels such as the JW Marriott and Phuket ex pats join the campaign in the hopes that dolphins will at eats be spared life in captivity entertaining busloads of tourists, and that one day the practice will be stopped altogether.




Feb 082015
drug bust Thailand

66,000 speed pills and 13.5kg of heroin found under coconuts in the back of a pick up truck

WORD ON THAILAND DRUG BUSTS: Police found 30 million baht worth of speed pills and heroin hidden under coconuts in a pick up truck pulled over at police checkpoint in Songkhla Province, southern Thailand, on Saturday morning.

The drugs, reportedly being transported from North Tjhailand to Naratiwat Province in the south, included 66,000 speed pills and 13.5kg of heroin.

The two Thai people in the truck, a 27 year old male and his 35 year old wife, were arrested after police pulled back a tarpaulin covering the back of the vehicle and found the drugs packed in boxes hidden under the pile of green coconuts.