Apr 062015

The hospitality industry is abuzz with news that architects have unveiled plans to build the world’s next tallest hotel, this time in the Swiss Alps.

Dubai-based Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel and US based architect Morphosis are said to be behind the plans to build a 381-metre tall hotel towering above the resort of Vals.


Artists impressions of the phallic resort with rooms costing between 1,000 and 25,000 Swiss francs a night seem like an April Fools joke published early on 31st March. However, the announcement seems genuine and is causing massive controversy, dividing the world’s architects and designers between those who think it best to appreciate the region’s natural beauty and others who can’t wait to see how the mirrored-glass exterior will b;end in with the mountainous surroundings.

However, the architects say they are pushing ahead with their plans saying that the tower will be camouflaged by the reflections of its surroundings, adding that they expect the hotel to be complete by 2019.